Quilting Services

(For the Non Quilter)

Thread White and Blue can help you create a one of a kind quilt that you just can't buy in stores.  Maybe its something you've seen on pinterest, in a magazine, or an idea you have, we can make your ideas a reality.  

Wanting to preserve those t-shirts into a keepsake quilt, memory quilt, we also do those.


Custom Quilt Creation

This is where you find a picture or have an idea for a pattern you want made and together we collaborate on the project, choosing fabrics, backing, quilting designs, thread color, etc.  This can be as hands on or off, as you the customer want it to be.  I have collaborated on several projects with amazing results.  

Pictured is Leslie's quilt.  She found a picture of a quilt she loved on Pintrest and that was the inspiration for her beautiful quilt shown.

Completing a family Heirloom

Many of us have family that at one time sewed, ether hand pieced or machine pieced.  Sometimes these special people in our life are unable to complete their projects, but they are still treasured heirlooms.  Whether its a quilt half finished or just quilt blocks in a box, we can turn them into something you will have and cherish for generations to come.

Pictured you will see a customer who came with a box of quilt blocks her grandmother made.  Together we turned them into a quilt that brought her to tears.  

Combining the old and new to remembe the past in the present.

Combining the old and new to remembe the past in the present.


T-shirt quilts/Memory Quilt

Have an overabundance of t-shirts from when you played sports/went to drama camp/or whatever your passion is.  Well now you can have those shirts preserved in a quilt to tell your one of a kind story.  

We can also honor those memories of those that have passed on by making a memory quilt out of their clothes.